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PREMIERE: BAKA | Time Travelling by Mistake EP

This first EP by the German Baka, of his career and by our label PLANETARIA SOUNDSYSTEM, is a true journey through time, as its name indicates, in which it mixes elements of electro, ghetto tech, acid, sounds of Dragon Ball, Street Fighter and classic machines like the Roland TR-808.

Baka is a German DJ and Producer, based in Halle (Saale), who defines himself as a “vinyl collector, dj, beatmaker and button pusher”, according to his Instagram profile.


It was during this year, in the midst of the worst pandemic millennials have ever known, that Baka published his first songs on his Soundcloud account, tracks that wander between house and acid house.

It was not until October that Baka dropped his powerful futuristic electro on the internet, publishing “Nightshifter”, a track with roots in cyberspace, which is part of Traveling by Mistake, an EP that will be published by Planetaria Soundsystem.

Readers quote

"Like when I did Nightshifter and Mindchanger, I was trying to catch some cyberspace future vibes, always tripping about passing through a sea of blurred colorfull lights in a futuristic cyberpunk like city by night”, BAKA.

Time Traveling by Mistake is composed of 5 tracks:

Brain Fluid

Drive By Night In 1985


Strike Back


To know how was the creative process of Time Traveling by Mistake, we spoke with Baka, this is what he told us:

“So... as you can imagine all of the tracks are meant to be electro, not in a super classic way but definitely in combining the elements I liked the most at the time I wrote the tracks. For example, the acid elements which are playing a very important role for my electro style or the hard hitting 606 snare that is definitely a key element here. All of the tracks are meant to sound fast, dirty and hard hitting, hopefully leaving you with some neck pain. All in all I would say that a long night ride on the highway is perfect for pumping those 5 songs. The idea is that you feel like riding through the night with the delorean time machine from Back to Future and travel through space time. I guess that's why i named the ep 'Time-Travelling by Mistake', the tracks on it are all catching a certain vibe or flow, which makes me think about pacy travelling in some different ways.”

What about the Street Fighter and Dragon Ball samples you used?

Strike back is just meant to be an aggressive straight forward fight anthem. That's why the street fighter and the dragon ball sample was coming to my mind.

Art by: @popmarta63

OUT NEXT 05.03.21


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