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Sell your music around the world With the sales and distribution platform we offer you, you can reach any corner of the world. Make your music travel from Madrid or Barcelona to Bogotá, passing through Australia or South Korea. Your music will play on iTunes, one of the most important and used download channels in the world. Spotify, the king of streaming music channels.YouTube Music, the new app specializing in YouTube music. Amazon Music, Google Play, with presence in more than 50 countries. Start right now.


They say fashions are cyclical, but there's one thing that should never stop spinning: vinyl. Some prefer them for their quality, others for the romanticism engraved among their black furrows... whatever your reason, we are specialists in pressing vinyl records. So you've decided to make your vinyls? You're in the ideal place! We offer different formats of 7", 10", 12"; picture disc, flexi disc, etc. In addition to having a wide range of packaging and finishes that fit all styles and genres. You are one step away from offering a unique experience for all your fans and therefore we will be happy to answer any questions you have about processes, features and prices. In Planetaria Agency we are the best when it comes to managing vinyl pressing. It's not just us, our grandmothers say it too. Contact us now for vinyl record making.


There are few things that grind more than having your posters, flyers and posters on paper. In the digital age, paper continues to make a difference.  The list of printing services we offer is almost as big as the desire we have to work with you. We are the favorite company of many thanks to our urgent offset and digital printing, of all kinds of posters and flyers. In addition to stickers, booklets, postcards, business cards and a long etcetera.


We create all kinds of merchandising faithful to the style and essence of your brand or product. Make a difference with an original merchandising, quality and faithful to your essence There are those who believe that urban tribes no longer exist, however, there is another tribe to which they are joined by a shared code, a hallmark: the merchandising of the fans. T-shirts, sweatshirts, stickers, badges, caps tote bags... all the shapes and sizes you can imagine to unite them all. Can you imagine what it would be like to have hundreds of ads for your brand walking down the street? The impact that would have? You don't need many calculators to understand that the merchandising of your brand or group is something key when it comes to consolidating. But beyond the numbers, we will tell you that a good merchandage should convey the values of your brand or band.


Digital mastering of your audio files is in good hands Master your audio files with full guarantee So many blank nights, hours of rehearsal and recording... all so that in the end that album does not sound as you expected. Nothing of the sort! Trust us via the best JH and others for the digital mastering of your audio files. We take care of preparing, assembling and sending your tracks to the factory so that they have the optimal sound. As if we had crept into your head, we will make a reality that sound you deserve. So send an email to 


If you're looking for originality, unsyth yourself with cassette recording Now you can record your music on cassettes. Old is cool! There are dozens of reasons to love cassettes: because they remind us of the first mixtapes, why it was cool to rewind them, because it's the quintessence hipster or because your car has no digital radio. Whatever your reason for making cassettes, you've come to the right place. Playlists are comfortable and fine, but they'll never be able to compete with the thrill of recording and listening to a cassette tape. That small perforated object, straddling nostalgia and modernity, has given us great moments and there are many of us who still keep our ribbons as small treasures.


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