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Colab Playlist on DJ FREE DOWNLOAD´s Youtube Channel - Share your tunes!

Hello everyone! Once again, it's that time, and I'm excited to share with you the latest EP from DAN PIU called "Dan Piu - Fantasy Juxtaposition EP," released today, 18.7.23, on Undefined Records.

To celebrate this release in a special way, I've created a collaborative playlist on YouTube. The idea is for all of you to add your favourite electronic music tracks from all times.

We´ve create this playlist for US TO FILL IT WITH AMAZING TUNES! Here's the link, don't forget to share it with your friends and fam: [Playlist - Add your favorite music here -->

Make sure to add your best track to the playlist as soon as possible. I'm looking forward to connecting with all of you on YouTube.


In addition, I have incredible news for all my friends and followers in Barcelona. Throughout the Mondays of August, I'll be doing resident duties at the Red Room in the famous Pacha nightclub. And the best part is, you can enter for free as special guests! (for now) Don't miss out on this opportunity brought to you by the folks at Talent & Dedication. There will be dance couples like never before seen from my side. So get excited and grab your ticket now.

Here are the links to sign up for the free guest list:

🔥 Pacha Events - DJ FREE DL Residency - Free Guest List! 🔥


- EVENT 07.08 [Guest List on RA] ( )

-EVENT 21.08 [Guest List on Resident Advisor 1] ( )

- EVENT 28.08[Guest List on Resident Advisor 2] ( )

You can't miss this opportunity to enjoy the best live electronic music for free! Share these links with your friends and make sure to arrive early to take advantage of the guest list. It will be a night filled with good beats and guaranteed fun! 🎉🎧

Big hugs to everyone, see you on the dance floor!💃🕺🕺

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