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Label of the Month: FUFU RECORDZ (Russian Federation)

Glad to announce our third Label of the Month

Russia is on literally on fire, the Moscow-based record label drive your brain to sextasy and may incite your ears to a climax, eargasm ahead!


Diverse tunes, down-to-earth peoplez, adaptable to any party or soundscape, FUFU RECORDZ are being welcomed to the interplanetary network to broaden the sound horizons of our participants, thirsty for more of the amazing sounds and luminous grooves that are woven into the FUFU RECORDZ Instagram and Bandcamp sites. The phantasmic grooves of FUFU RECORDZ need to be heard to sustain us through these music-necessary times!

What else:

The superfresh new release Ancient PNG Data is the perfect time to acquaint yourself with our brothers and sisters of sound from Moscow, to hear the unique brand of countless musical styles that have industrialized on the fusive singles of FUFU RECORDZ superdope PNG crew, delivering the introspective outerspace that Planetarians instinctively seek.

Planetaria listening reminder:

The Sounds of the City are distinct to each urban culture the creators come from.

Led by Mix Master Kutyma and his crew since 2016, Planetaria says FUFU RECORDZ is HERE TO STAY:

Making music since 2016, FUFU RECORDZ is integrating ambitious beats and sensitized syncopation to provide the type of superior soundscape that enhances our federation souls.

Different music makers around the globe finds the music that Master Kutyma has put together in FUFU to be both prolifically productive and powerfully prophetic.

Master the future of music with the playlist below complete with buy links created for your listening pleasure

Enjoy our abel of the month December by Planetaria Music Mag - Barcelona

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