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Planetaria Music | Black Friday Weekend

Another year beating the dust with arts for black Friday

Bringing you the best of Planetaria Music with an incredible discount


Use code: Federation5050 to get 50% discount in anything from Planetaria



Plan G

Planetaria Soundsystem


Readers quote

``From today onwards i will support electronic music´´

Serial Killer Tunes is a huge compilation we have been released during the whole month of October, now is the full compilation available in Bandcamp, worth a listen.

Here some codes for you:

We have decide to give away so many download codes form Planetaria Soundsystem, Saturnlove, Plan G and Breakfast Musik

in Saturnlove we got also some special tracks from Confidential Recipe releasing up to public just today.

This big sale will end up in 72 hours, code will expire automatically on Sunday at 23.59

We have also just received the vinyls from our sister label Breakfast Musik (BREAKFAST000) and they are flying!

Use our code and take your discounted copy before it's too late!

The Pre order of Barnaerobics V/A is also up and everything can be purchased half price using our code: FEDERATION5050

Big thank you to all of you for following our intergalactic project and supporting our community.

More codes 4 ur ears:

and a little more:

Get + Black Fridayℹ️

Digital download codes for Planetaria Music joining this Telegram group:

Offer Valid 27 to 29.Nov.2020

Peace, love and good music.


Planetaria Music Team.

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