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PREMIERE: “void freedom”| ENG8 X CPSL [Plan G]

In the cold, but hot these days, Russia, mired in clashes between civilians and the Kremlin after the arrest of the main opponent of Vladimir Putin: Alexei Navalny. Two talents from the former Soviet Union, Eng8 and CPSL, come together and give their own fight through music and our Planetaria Soundsystem label, presenting their first EP together: void freedom.


Using breakbeat as their main weapon, but always loaded with acid, electro and techno, Russian composers present us with a true 6-track soundtrack for an era in which post-truth, lies and human rights violations are in order of the day, unfortunately.

Now you can listen 2/6 tracks of "void freedom"

"void freedom" will go on sale next March, but it can already be booked through our site at Bandcamp for only 0.50 euros. ENJOY!

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