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Bandcamp Day | February 21

We celebrate again an special day for independent electronic music.

Bandcamp Day - Feb 21 is here and is ready to make history!

We have created different music list to make your digging easier than never before



Readers quote

``From today onwards i will support electronic music´´

TODAY WE GOT 2 EP´S IN PRE ORDER 4 as cheap as 0.50 coins

Serial Killer Tunes is a huge compilation also part of our Plan G

released during the whole month of October, now is the full compilation available in Bandcamp.

Big thank you to all of you for following our intergalactic project and supporting our community.

Planetar Music Logo

Also another Free DL special for Bandcamp day but exclusive to soundcloud

from the Local talent Maniatik.

And last but no least our:

Bandcamp Day recommendations for December.

We are open for cooperation if you think your music shall be in our March (or next) list simply email us at with your bandcamp buy link and download code to have your masterpiece in our collection.

Peace, love and good music.


Planetaria Music Team.

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