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PREMIERE: “Our Hearts Collide”| Etari [Emotional Voyage Records]

The American DJ and producer, Etari, is part of the new compilation of the German label "Emotional Voyage Records", in which 12 artists from different corners of the world participate, highlighting in their list Moodrich and Sketchy, who are part of our first compilation by V / A: BARNAEROBICS

Etari belongs to “Yellow Island Records”, a Brazilian label where, at the end of 2019, she published his EP “Healing Herself”, composed of 5 tracks in which ambient is the main protagonist, always accompanied by techno, house and breakbeat.

For the compilation of “Emotional Voyage Records”, Etari proposes “Our Hearts Collide” a track with a more experimental concept, mixing a drum machine with the use of a synthesizer and effects like the echo, resulting in a track that definitely penetrates the listener and can be used in various ways by DJs.

The compilation of "Emotional Voyage Records" went on sale today through Bandcamp, and you can buy it for 10 euros.


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