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Label of the Month: Crazed Behaviour (UK)

A new series of 2D content created to submerge our audience into different worldwide underground electronic music subcultures.

Glad to announce our second Label of the Month

Logo of the UK based record label

Label of the month November by Planetaria Music Mag -- Barcelona


Quality music, availability, honesty, Great (eve when crazed) behaviour, CB has become an important of the federation over the past month,

if you do not know about their offer & digital releases this is a good time for you to go to their, Soundcloud, Instagram or Bandcamp site and dig some heal for your adventurous soul.

Follow the good >> Youtube Playlist

What else:

More reason for the uk based crew is have ability and power of pushing electronica, IDM alien sounds & more Electro oriented music.

Cause of their timing when answering to messages.

Cause of their minimalist website.

Cause of their Soundcloud free dl edited by Luis Lotto from Master & Commander Jensen Interceptor.


Readers quote

Being and original & avant-garde record label requires hard work and tones of passion

We have had a lil chat with Luis about their future devs & desires:

He say:

Our biggest achievement is our V/A comp .

We are so happy with how it turned out and we’d like to say a huge thanks you to everyone who has supported us with it, means so much!

As for up and coming projects we want to get a few more compilations out their

We are also planning to get some artists to do solo EPs

And last but no least find below a playlist with buy links created for your listening pleasure


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