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Deep vision of Deibeat - Retrop EP

The time of watching yourself is now, but the thirst for the urban journey remains, and is expressed in tracks which call upon the high ghettotech core of Barna to combine with Dei drive to innovate and evolve in life and production.

Musical Place

Retro EP is a Musical Place where you give your ears to the rhythm. When you do, you hear the lost echo of urban Barcelona, and the night full of prowlers seeking panacea cerebellum.

We have an emcee to remind us to listen to the music, and embrace the gifts of soothing energy which the most delicate and well thought out tracksters cut on the decks and arrange on the turntables to soothe minds.

We can't forget the past that brings us to the vision of the fiesta that continues not only into the night, but into eternity. The lyrical shapeshifting and the melodic reverberation distinguish this synth track as a string playing on our hearts to remember a time which so recently now feels so far gone.

Music Hipnotizing Dark Mix

Music Hipnotizing by Dark Mix picks up where the Musical Place left off, driving the floating beat into the next level of consciousness, in the fine line between sleep and wake when everything is more acute and real and we have are powerless to move or change it for that infinite moment before waking life renews our souls.

The darkness is the gateway to finding a way to move in the space which has been left to us so sparingly, yet that we believe in our fullest of hearts will be returned to us shortly on the way of our choosing. Thus it is possible to chase the beats that beckon so uncertainly when Music seeks to Hipnotize instead of just capture.

I Love This Feeling

I Love this Feeling rallies the soul by fading into a new texture which a little more electronic acid house diffusing the beats and promising a fresh shift into more positive jumpy groove confirmed by edgy funk reverberation. Groove is alive and well in the time of the cholera, and if we follow the tunnel we can reach a higher level of synchronisation not just with the music, but with ourselves even when they keep us physically apart.

I Love this Feeling puts us in touch with the feeling that keeps us together and reminds us that we are not separate no matter how far apart we may seem as long as we are listening as one to this track. The longer it goes, the groovier and edgier it gets, and we get more alive with every passing second of this track.

We Play Loud

We Play Loud is our triumphant rescue. The melodic synth horns and variegated syncopation of the technotic moon beats puts us in our space cadillacs for the drive to the music Cosmos that so many strive for when we put our headphones on.

Our emcee is around to remind that we continue to play loud through out this track, through Dei Beats and throughout life because while we may feel burned we are not extinguished but only brighter.

We Play Loud blends the deepest of space with the farthest reverberation to prop up the listener and show the light at the end of the tunnel which we will be carried to by playing this track loud enough to for the melodic hymn to outshine the onomatopeia proliferating our brains. Long after the bars disappear, the echo of this track stands to charge our souls, with the kick drum to prove it.


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